build your own wallet

Choose what leather, thread and design you would like for your custom wallet. Feel free to mix and match the leathers.

The leather options will change from time to time depending on whats popular and I might not have enough of one leather for a full wallet. You might have to mix and match and use certain leathers for smaller accent pieces on the wallets (more so with the cordovans and marble dyed leather panels)

If you have any questions about this process reach out to me.

  • Conceria Walpier - White Wax Buttero "Burro" - Veg Tanned Leather

    This ghost wax finish allows for beautiful patina over time, due to its intentional sensitivity to marks and scuffs. Although the exterior shows more and more character and color over the years, its high level firmness gives it strength and dependable durability.

    Current Stock:
    ● Ghost Green (left)

    ● Ghost Pink (right)

    see this leather on a wallet 
  • Conceria Walpier - Buttero - Veg Tanned Leather

    Top grade vegetable tanned leather. This is my personal favorite to both work with and have in my back pocket. Over time it naturally patina's from oils through handling & exposure to light, resulting in a darker and shinier glow.

    Current Stock:

    ● Natural

  • Badalassi Carlo - Pueblo - Veg Tanned Leather

    Pueblo is known for its rugged, rustic look that makes for beautiful patina over time. This premium Italian veg tanned leather is highly durable and pairs well with marble dyed panels.

    Current Stock:

    ● Olive Green (left)

    ● Olma Orange (right)

    see this leather on a wallet 
  • Tatra Cordovan Leather

    This incredible leather is made in Slovakia, the Central Europe region. Tatra started as a small shell cordovan in 2015 and is now a worldwide brand Shell Cordovan Toscana Italia. Naturally water resistant, bright vivid in color, with non-creasing grain. Cordovan is silky smooth, soft to the touch, with an easy to recognize glossy shine.

    Current Stock:
    ● Magenta (left)
    ● Deep Ocean Blue (right)

    - limited supply

    see this leather on a wallet 
  • Hand Dipped Marble Dyed Veg Tanned Leather

    This incredibly unique option makes for a sentimental one of a kind wallet. Hand crafted by artist Mercedez Rex in Austin, TX, each piece is carefully dipped into her durable dyes making no two designs the same.

    ● E-mail for current selection avaliability- limited supply

    see this leather on a wallet 
  • Check back in!

    When new leather is avaliable I will have it up on here for you to see.

Pick a thread

These are Japanese Polyester threads that strong as well as vibrant in their colors. Each piece of thread is waxed personally by me to hold that twisted polyester together that much more.

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